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  • Back to Ukraine

    2023 / 4K / 15 min

    After a months-long tour through Europe and North America that started with the war, the most famous Ukrainian hip-hop star Alyona Alyona is back to her native village.

    Commissioned by Human.nl

  • São Paulo Open Wound

    2022 / 4K / 18 min

    In a political moment when the president of Brazil encourages intolerance and the murder of dissident, black and indigenous bodies - underground artists from São Paulo - make of their art their resistance.
    A film that shows what is happening in the concrete cracks of a city.

    Commissioned by Human.nl
    World premiere at Clermont-Ferrand 2022 (International Competition)

  • Amazon Attack

    2019 / 4K / 14 min

    Since the new Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro took his office, the Amazon rainforest is under attack with potentionaly catastrophic consequences.
    A portrait of Elaíze Farias, an indigenous woman who is fighting for the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

    Commissioned by Human.nl

  • The Bananality of Evil

    2019 / HDV / 12 min

    This January, when the newly elected extreme-right president Bolsonaro came to power in Brazil, Leonardo, a political cartoonist of a popular newspaper Extra had to go into hiding.

    Commissioned by Human.nl

  • Constructing Putin

    2018 / HDV / 23 min

    A mind trip into all the countless forms Putin appears in for everyday Russians.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • River of Death

    2016 / trans-media

    On November 5th, a dam full of residual mud from iron ore mine burst and 62 million cubic meters of contaminated mud and mine waste started its deadly 800 kilometers descent towards the Atlantic Ocean.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent
    Developed by burajaZero

  • Czech Castration

    2015 / HDV / 16 min

    It was a shock to learn that in Europe, in the core of humanism, they still castrate people. A mosaic of questions, of encounters, of answers and even more questions.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • À beira de um colapso
    On The Verge of Collapse

    2015 / HDV / 12 min

    There is not enough of drinking water in the largest Brazilian city. Politicians put money into prestigeous projects, forgetting about people's basic necessities.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • Novelas do capeta
    Devil's Soaps

    2014 / HDV / 11 min

    The world watches Brazil. But what do Brazilians watch all year around? The answer is: soap operas. 87 percent of Brazilians watch daily the so-called telenovelas. The telenovelas that do not imitate daily life, but shape it!

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • #naovaitercopa

    2014 / HDV / 13 min

    Brazilians are violently chased from their houses or forced to close their shops and billions of tax money spent on megalomaniac stadiums.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • O parto
    The Birth

    2013 / HDV / 13 min

    While brazilian streets roar in protests, a child is about to be born.

    Commissioned by De Correspondent

  • 7 visões do paisagismo
    7 Visions of Landscape

    2012 / HDV / 15 min

    Seven Brazilian landscape architects reflect over their projects on the art of shaping the landscape in Brazil.

    Commissioned by AUE Software

  • Ido

    2011 / HDV / 10 min

    A "guerrilla" style film trying to mix documentary and fictional elements. Inspired by real life of the main protagonist - Nenê - it tells about the unluckiest day of his life; something he really experienced.

    Production: Dibutuca Filmes

  • She Lives Inside Me

    2010 / HDV / 22 min

    Transformation of Gianni Menichetti into an art piece of his ethernal lover, the Australian artist Vali Myers.

    Production: ERS Film & Video

  • Deuren naar de Ziel
    Doors to the Soul

    2008 / DIGIBETA / 49 min

    A blind man, a music composer, a cook, an astronomer and a homicide investigator. The film gets into their minds and explores their creativity and passions through their senses.

    Production: Appel&Honigmann
    World premiere at IDFA 2008

  • Alledaags

    2007 / 16mm / 10 min

    An ode to our everyday routine. The characters in Trivial are all part of the routine of the cold and automated world.

    Production: Armadillo Films
    Premiere on Nederlandse Film Festival

  • Zo is dat
    The Way It Is

    2006 / 35mm / 30 min

    A year in life of a Dutch bachelor farmer, Jan. ‘Zo is dat’ reveals all his life, with its triumphs and disappointments.

    Production: Dutch Film & TV Academy of Amsterdam
    World premiere at IDFA 2006



Elizabeth was inspired by the theme of TEDx Maastricht 2015 "Be the cure, small steps matter" because it is in line with the example she tries to set: “I take all that life has (or doesn’t have) to offer for me and try to create something out of it. Do things with what I have. Transform.”

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rocha Salgado is a Brazilian film director. Her films were awarded at several film festivals. She studied Social Communication at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, documentary filmmaking at Dutch Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and obtained a Master degree in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Arts at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

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